Why You Should Always Be Punctual To Work

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Like every other good virtue, punctuality is not an easy to build habit but acquiring it will be one of the best things you could do for yourself. Imagine having a bad record hung around you like a tag which everyone knows is kind of a weak point they could poke and get to you.

Always arriving a slight of a second late may not seem like a big deal but it could go skin deep creating a part of you that becomes indestructible with time.

Why You Should Always Be Punctual To Work

There’s so much you could earn with punctuality and you all got to trust me this is an amazing feature we all need. So we’ll call this the benefits of punctuality.

Why You Should Always Be Punctual To Work

1. Trust

Having an employee who is always at work before you arrive makes an employer want to trust him with a great task; it’s more like saying “if he can be good at keeping to time, then why not with other stuff?” And trust me every boss needs that employee that sees the job as his personal business and is ready to go extra mile for you being that employee makes him or her want to trust you with everything.

I heard a story of a poor man who worked as a security guard at a wealthy company, his dream was to work as a shareholder in that company but who gives such a position to a nobody? He always went early and closed late and was good at his post and one day the owner of the company noticed him and when he was about to die willed his company to him. When asked why the dying man only said he trusts that the new CEO will do a great job as he did as a guard.

2. Respect

Yea, one of my coworkers told me yesterday she’s always wanted to meet this lady whose name is always first on the time book that she’s got questions for her. She would love to know how she does it, what time she gets out of bed, and just how she does the magic and whoaaaaa it felt good to know people regarded me so much. Most people don’t understand the intelligence and respects others boil up in their hearts when they notice a fellow colleague who is never late to work and doesn’t even have that dream of being late.

Not only will your coworkers respect you, but your boss also will, and even people who see you each time you leave your house. You might think no one is watching but trust me, eyes are watching just like a big brother.

3. Balance

You know when you’re fifteen minutes late for an exam and you just want to run into the hall and then you just want to answer the questions quickly to meet up with time and the rest of the candidates? You could trip a whole lot and may end up failing the exam.

Exactly, that feeling is synonymous with going late to work especially if you got to be with the team for a brief meeting and you run in a few minutes late only to realise you’ve got nothing on you because in the long run and the degree of adrenaline used up, the parts of the brain that are supposed to relax and bring out the things you need to say at the meeting goes numb. It can be a very frustrating case.

4. Deadline

Punctuality could help you plan ahead before the deadline. Beginning your project early could lend you enough time to go through it and dot your I(s) and t(s) before the deadline. Having to create ideas two days or a few hours to submission has a way of messing with your self-confidence but sticking to time does a whole lot more. Your ability to meet up deadlines is a beautiful way of telling people you are competent in your field.

5. Professionalism

Getting to meet someone again at a spot you left them the previous day radiate this aura of professionalism that might make people want to get closer to you. You know most people believe that nerds or those who are so into their jobs are the only ones who can put in this much effort at being punctual to their personal jobs or to some hired jobs and yea, it leaves this impression of a perfect person in their hearts.

What’s more, professionals will buy the moon to do what’s right in whatever they do, you may not be one but you could put up this aura that might attract someone to want to help you.

Personally, I dislike people who barge in a few minutes after we are settled, feels like your way of saying “screw you and your meeting, I don’t value it” to me only non verbally and we say a lot that actions speak louder. So no matter how hard you want to convince me it’s not what you mean, I’d drawn my conclusions already. You don’t want to be that person that people find disrespectful then you got to buckle up, some things deserve to be done perfectly.

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