Why Is Having A Job Important At This Period

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Okay, I know most of you have already figured that out but for the sake of most of us who are a little bit clueless about why you need a job at this period, please scroll down.

I feel like a little recap will help. So, remember the lockdown period? When businesses, companies, and shops had to close down because we were forced into a compulsory siege? Yes, so prices of commodities got high, people lost their jobs, and the cost of living grew out of hand. That is a little throwback.

Why Is Having A Job Important At This Period

Having a job at this period is a safeguard for so many reasons which we will discuss as you scroll down.

Why Is Having A Job Important At This Period

1. Income

This fact is never overrated because having a job equals daily wages or monthly salaries but it still books down to receiving or earning at the end of the month or day. This income could go a long way to settling many bills and securing happiness. Ok, don’t get me wrong, most folks would say “money doesn’t buy happiness but believe me having money to sort out some needs can make you happy.

With the increase in the cost of living, getting a job in a company or having to set up yours no matter how small it may be could help salvage a lot of financial issues and bring out of multiple crises.

2. Sense Of Responsibility

You know, when you are aware that you need to wake up early to prepare for work, it creates in you this consciousness to not blow up. It kinda makes you feel you are much better than you used to be, you could even begin caring for the little things that never mattered to you, this is a beautiful feeling that could birth self-confidence and self-esteem for those of us who battle low self-esteem and inferiority complex.

3. Socialization

You know apart from close friends, everyone needs that companionship, that space to hang out, meet new people and get to understand the world beyond what they feel it is. Having a job that lets you meet people is a good start to actually get to know what other people are made of, how they think and act and it could also help you expand on your knowledge.

4. Get New Ideas

One good thing about meeting different people every day is that you get to hear a different version of stories and ideas in ways you never thought existed. Always talking to the same people every day could make more or less you retarded, don’t get it twisted, new people will always tell you about new ways to solve issues, ways different from the ones you perceived earlier.

Getting to meet people who love and do what you do could set you up in a community where you get to grow and develop. These new friends could help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

5. Learn New Skills

There are people who are a lot more talented at spheres than you may be, getting a new job could help you set up new goals and of course, learn new skills.

I remember when I had to move to another area for work and I met this beautiful lady who worked in the same hospital as a Physiotherapist, she taught me some good video editing and I bet you want to know what happened next.

Learning new skills could put you out there in a position where to meet better people and believe me, it could only get better.

6. Networking

Meeting people, learning new skills, finding new passions, and building friendships is a large networking business. You never know who you might meet who knows someone that knows someone else that can help you achieve your goals and these days, that’s what helps lots of people out of the rut.

It could also foster the growth of a semi ecosystem that could evolve into a large Union helping you better.

7. Happiness

You know one more thing about landing a good job is the happiness of leaving home in the morning, having to make a perfect meal, change of wardrobes, making new friends and building lasting relationships is that it provides happiness. It makes you happy knowing you could actually be better, be accepted, earn and of course, meet new people who might challenge you to be better.

So yea, getting a job at this point might be a safe start to being happy.

8. Comfort

Now lots of people are going to argue with me that jobs don’t offer comfort but like I’ve said earlier I use myself a lot as a case study. I know what works for me may not work for you, the more reason you need to choose a job you’ll enjoy and grow passionate about and believe me, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you are doing something that makes you happy.

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