Why Do You Need To Be Friendly With Your Employees?

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Most employers act like “I’m the god here” and intimidate their employees into working like donkeys which aren’t right. It may make them so scared that they deliver before the deadline to avoid being penalized but it could equally take away their drive to work creatively and innovatively.

Some employees may not be able to speak up for fear of losing their jobs or getting demoted but the employer’s goal should always include acting friendly if not being friends with their employees. This could foster a much more peaceful and competitive working environment and jelly employees work creatively to boost the company’s reliability and reputation.

Why Do You Need To Be Friendly With Your Employees?

As an employer, there are quite a number of reasons why acting friendly to your employees could be all you need to scale your company through tough times.

1. It Fosters Workplace Unity

A boss who acts friendly to his employees is already a mark of unity, you make it easy for your employees to relate with each other because as the leader, whatever vibe you radiate at your workplace is the vibe your teammates will carry along.

For a bossy employer, it’s easy for your employees to gossip behind your back, except for the few who would speak in your favor, and speaking for and against is already a sign of big division which you brewed. Try acting friendlier with your employees and you’ll gain everyone in your favor and no one will have to speak against this will help curb disunity.

2. Gives Your Employees The Liberty To Work Passionately

A gentle smile that’s warming and soft words make employees want to work their lives out with so much passion to ensure they achieve the expected goals with you. You could make them carry your burden without saying a word depending on the attitude you give them at work.

Working passionately is key to achieving a better and unique assignment. People tend to invest their all when they are passionate about what they do and your employees cannot work passionately if they have to face a stone-cold face boss.

3. Creates A Peaceful Working Environment

You know in those movies where workers hang about idly, chit-chatting and gossiping and then the moment their boss walks in they go scrambling to their seats pretending to be so busy? Such a work environment is never quiet, never peaceful because you’ll have workers speaking all loud because they are fed up with their jobs and the only Inspiration they get to work is your bossy demeanor.

Workers tend to fight a lot when they woke up in such an environment and this could only boil out from their boss’s ill manner. Being friendly but keeping your distance isn’t bad at all as long as you know when to be a boss and when to be friendly.

4. Makes Working Fun

A boss that goes around in the morning cracking jokes and getting to know the crack-ups in his employees’ lives makes working fun and makes you look forward to working with your boss because you’re sure of a good laugh.

5. Gives Them The Avenue To Share Their Ideas

When a boss is friendly, it helps workers shed off timidity and makes speaking easy, you’ll get to discover different buds of ideas and innovations you never thought existed and new ideas mean greater work achievement because the world is always itching for new ideas and mind-blowing inventions that will crack the former innovations and send them to dust.

6. Makes A Die-Hard Worker And Fan

You’ll never know a worker who is ready to go all out for his employer until you become the employer that makes a die-hard worker. It all starts by being nice, being friendly, and helping your workers understand that you are there for them and care about them.

You might wonder how to make that happen but it’s easy, smile instead of carrying that blood cold face, stay calm when a worker does something wrong and you wish to harrumph at him, encourage and employee if he can’t get a job done it’s easy to do this while still reminding them that you are the boss.

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