What You Need To Do To Make Your Life Better

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Young and old all have this season of their lives where they feel they’re stuck, they aren’t living, only existing. It’s okay. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t been there before, we all have but how we snook out of it is all that matters, and how much better we feel afterward.

I saw a post that says “you weren’t born to pay bills and die” and that’s true, the more reason why I thought I should share. There is more to living than sitting in the hallway all day contemplating how things would have worked out differently “if only,” suck it up, there’s so much to do about your life than think you’re a loser. Your life needs a change, so let’s fix that.

Try Out Some Of These Things To Make Your Life Better

1. Dress Your Bed Every Morning

It may sound like a very unusual way to resuscitate a mentally destabilized fellow but it might shock you to learn that healing comes from the most trivial things, those you consider as irrelevant as blowing off a speck of dust from your window.

It will be difficult at the initial stage, (everything good is) but if you can continuously do that, then you will find the tenacity to solve your problems and bring yourself out of the rut you feel you are stuck in because no one can do that for you except you.

2. Meditate

Out of the twenty-four hours the universe has supplied us with, thirty minutes of meditation can help. It’s cool to hang out with friends after work but what’s much more better is self-reflecting, talking to yourself, and getting to the root of your feelings which is the essence of meditation.

Meditation helps you unlock your inner self, as you spend some quiet time alone, meditating. However, be sure to be quiet while meditating and when I say “quiet” I mean calm your mind, your thoughts shouldn’t be wandering at this time, and you should learn to control your thoughts in order to get the results you crave.

3. Start A Business

Businesses keep you alert, and make you responsible, it’s like keeping a pet. When you are aware of the responsibility you hold, you will find the strength to live by every day and ultimately find purpose.

4. Volunteer

One good thing about volunteering is that you’ll get to meet people who have survived worst ordeals than you are going through. You’ll meet people with little chances of survival who are making the best of what’s left of their short lives and you’ll just find the strength to continue pressing.

5. Learn A New Skill

Let that voice within guide you to something new you would enjoy doing. Michelle Obama did speak about knitting, she said that was the skill that helped her through the lockdown. Try something new, you might find something beautiful in it

6. Less Alcohol, More Water

Resist the urge to gulp down that bottle of alcohol regardless of the pang in your chest, try water instead. Worry about your health and cardiac as well as your psychological health, you deserve more than this.

7. You Are What You Eat

For most people, this season could mean more junk while to others, it could mean starvation. However and whatever yours comes as eat well. A big NO to junk, eat well, there are much better days ahead.

8. Attend Social Gatherings

Avoid sitting alone in secluded areas, it might brew up the urge to try something suicidal. Be around people who make you feel better no matter how bad you hate the idea of social gatherings, you need it.

9. Keep A Journal

I used to write down my experiences and pains back then, writing was a humongous means of offloading so I kept at it. Reading those journals now reminds me of how far I have gone.

10. Forgive Yourself

It didn’t work out as you planned, so what? Many of us aren’t living our dream lives but we keep on trying. It isn’t your fault things didn’t work out and even if it was, it’s time to move on from that disappointment. You are more.

11. Workout

This comes in various types, so chose that which suits your purpose and have fun.

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