What To Say When Applying For A Job

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As much as we love to ask and act charmingly in order to receive appraisal when we appear in front of a potential employer, it is actually important to understand that your ability to ask the right questions (not only intelligent questions) could set you apart from the crowd but what is the right questions?

Although several employers love their potential employees to apply via email or the company’s official blog page, a handful prefers the “apply-in-person” interview where they get to see who they will be entrusting a part of their company.

The good thing about online applications is that employers choose based on preference, like who is able to provide them with what they desire. On the other hand, walk-in applications are quite different because employers take into cognizance your appearance, decorum, the kind of questions you ask, and your general behavior with the employer and the rest for the workers.

In order to avoid red flags and get yourself in the boss’s good book, you should say or do the following when applying for a job:

1. Dress Properly

We are all aware of the “dress as you wish to be addressed” slogan which from all indications is true. Dressing well has its way of speaking for you before you open your mouth to say anything. Instead of pulling on the first piece of clothing, you lay your hands on in your wardrobe, go for a corporate outfit that spells confidence and competence.

2.  Introduce Yourself

Cultivate the habit of being friendly and receptive, and introduce yourself right from the gate, who knows you might be speaking to the manager without knowing. As you introduce yourself, do not forget to be courteous but look out so you do not look too obvious and desperate.

3. Ask To See The Manager

As you introduce yourself to whomever you meet, ask for the manager or the person in charge that could be the best option compared to making inquiries from the first person you meet outside or inside the environment.

Meeting face-to-face with the manager could increase your chances of getting employed sooner and to fast-track the process, you can talk about yourself and the position you wish to apply for. This is because you might get brush off if you meet with anyone else aside from the manager thus, reducing your chances of getting employed.

4. Request An Application

Do not beat around the bush, get to the core of the matter. If you are sure the company is hiring employees, it’s important to show some level of confidence but do so without looking cocky.

5. Talk About Your Qualifications

You may have to draft out a pitch about your qualifications and competence, stating why the company should hire you and what they stand to gain by choosing you above the rest of the applicants. This is a beautiful moment to boast about your skills, achievement, and strength, including the working experience you have, and explain why you’re applying there and how it fits into your long-term career plans.

6. Be Professional

No matter how remote the workplace might seem, it is pivotal to look professional, beginning from your looks to the way you address others and present yourself. Be friendly towards the other applicants and workers, the manager may say nothing to you but he may consider you fit for the job by your appearance and behavior.

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