8 Easy Ways To Make Friends At Work When You’re Shy

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How do you make so many friends as an introvert? I hear that question a lot these days: I mean it’s not a crime to be an introvert or shy, it’s beautiful and unique. It doesn’t matter what you are, an introvert, a loner or you are simply shy, it’s good you speak to someone new as frequently as you can.

While most of us are pros at making friends, the rest of us suck so much that it hurts. I have been tagged a lot of things, an introvert, an extrovert, and a loner (good thing no one thinks I’m mean) it might be much of a bug for you making friends but for some people, it’s as easy as breathing.

So what happens if you’ve stayed for six months at a new workplace yet nobody knows you, and you don’t hang out with the rest of your work colleagues? Some folks may think you are being cocky or playing hard to get or some might even tag you as eccentric but what’s important is that you keep your head up and do you.

I presume these few tricks might make making friends at your workplace a little easy for people like me who are not only introverts but equally shy.

1. Be The First To Say “Hello”

Recall when Ric Hassan and Chike sang “I came to say hello?” turns out you may have to be the first person to take the bold step sometimes. Life isn’t always about people walking up to you, sometimes you’ll have to walk up to them. It doesn’t look dumb nor does it reduce your worth of saying the first, hello, it only makes you more friendly and sweet. You might want to try that out this week.

2. Ask For Their Numbers

You could do this after work, ask a few of them for their numbers, and then add them up on social media platforms and get to know them more. If asking for their numbers seems like a big deal, you could request their usernames on social media, add them up and begin the journey of getting to know them.

3. Ask Intelligent Questions

Ha! Did we miss out on something? You won’t always have answers to the puzzles at work so it’s pivotal to ask questions and this might be the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow colleagues more. So if you feel bothered by a particular task or need someone to explain a little to your understanding, instead of sweating out, a little question could help.

4. Speak With Confidence

No one likes an ingenue, people love to be associated with bold and confident people who do not only bottle up their fears but face them. Show some charisma and confidence regardless of who and what you are faced with, it tells a lot more about you than words.

5. Dress Well

I guess you almost left that out. As much as you would love so much to earn a good reputation, let’s not leave out the part that dressing well is one of the few ways someone is identified. You do not want people addressing you as “the kangaroo lady” because your shirts always make your stomach protrude or as the “color blind guy” because you wear unmatching outfits. Dress well, and look into your wardrobe, it may not be clustered with tons of clothes but you will know what to do with the ones you have.

6. Invite Them To Dinner

If hospitality is your strength then you might want to host them at dinner or on any special holiday. Sitting at a round table or maybe not a table but sitting together, talking about random and serious stuff can actually strengthen the bond of friendship you’ve created at work. You do not know what a treat as simple as one from a candy shop can do to your relationship.

7. Discover What You Have In Common

How fun would it be to have a colleague who’s a big fan of snooker or polka, you two could sit all day talking sports or comedy or religion and spirituality. In your ability to discover what interesting thing you share with your colleagues, you may unknowingly unlock some wonderful bond of friendship.

8. Attend Work Events

Maybe you all decide to have a work sit out, or some dinner or board meeting, try not to shy away from those, they might be a perfect time to mingle and catch up. Have fun and get to know everyone but do not lose yourself.

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