Things You Should Consider Before Applying For A Job

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I know those moments when it’s hard to concentrate and search for the dream work or one that is halfway close to what you really want. Those moments when all you need is a job, I can relate, believe me, so you just accept any job that’s toasted at you but sooner it later you realize this wasn’t what you’d hoped for.

Things You Should Consider Before Applying For A Job

So you don’t repeat such errors, this article highlights things you should worry about before getting your hands to sign that job contract.

Things You Should Consider Before Applying For A Job

1. Educational Qualification

Most job seekers apply for just any kind of job they learn of without considering their qualifications for the job. A job that requires a professional in Resource Managing can not be offered to you if you do not have the qualification. So, you should ask questions like;

  • Can my qualifications fetch me this job?.
  • Will I be a match for the market if am employed?

These questions are not to frighten you but to prepare your mind for what is needed.

2. Job Specification

What does your job require you to do? Knowing this is a good start-up. It’s better to know what will be required of you, if the job will require learning some new skills or if you can make do with what you already know.

Sometimes, work descriptions are not included in the terms of the contract which is why you need to ask questions in order to know if you’ll be competent enough for the job. Also,

3. Privileges

The job might not be your dream job but if it looks like a pulley that can help you ascend to get your dream job then I don’t see reasons you shouldn’t give it a shot.

Plus must employers give their employees privileges to expand on themselves and that is one reason most folks keep a job. A job that’s a milestone to achieving your dreams is worth considering.

4. Salary

Now, this is where it all boils down to, the salary. Making some income from what you do every day is one of the major reasons people embark on job applications, but you might want to reconsider if the salary will barely be enough to get you a happy meal and some extra income to fall back to.

Considering inflation and the cost of living, salaries should be the main motive for anybody applying for a job except they just want to grow in the field and do not really worry about what is toasted at them at the end of the month. If the salary will barely be enough for your transport and some necessities then you should think again.

5. Working Hours

Most jobs require you to work overtime and may not be stated in the terms of the contract so you might want to ask questions to confirm that plus not all jobs present you with a 6 to 9 working time and a supple amount of time to catch up but you need to be able to balance up work and your personal life.

A job that burns up your time and doesn’t even leave you with adequate time to hang out and recoil may not really be an option. Except you want to sit through Friday even working when you should be out with friends then it’s cool. Don’t get me wrong, there may be times when you’ll have to work overtime, it’s part of the plan, it happens but review the time frame and ensure you’re okay with the amount of time you’ll be at work.

6. Location

You don’t want to spend all your earnings on traveling from home to work only discovering you’ve exhausted your salary and nothing is left. Most jobs might look catchy but sometimes distance makes people abandon the option. I had a friend who would travel three hours every morning to work and three hours back, six hours have gone on traveling, six hours of hibernation, it sucked, he left the job plus the salary could barely pay his bills.

If your salary leaves you with enough even after spending on transport and other issues and if you are comfortable with the location then maybe you should keep the job.

7. The Members

Most applicants only worry about the nature of their jobs, work environment, and salary without also thinking about the team. A pack of wolves won’t beam you into working out, it’ll only frighten you each time you get to work. You’ll realise you’re always fidgeting inside each time you cone around them. Get a job at a place where you can interact with your employer and your co-workers, a good team makes the working experience memorable.

8. Company’s Culture

I can’t throw this in the trash can, a comfortable working space makes a healthy working life. Working at Sheraton and grabbing a job at a kiosk can’t be the same (except you’re comfortable), I guess all am trying to point out is that the company’s culture could also affect your output.

To know if you could be comfortable, ask colleagues who have worked there to know how they feel being there, try to find out how things are done if there are penalties if you don’t meet up a target, deadlines, and benefits, it’s a good thing to know.

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