My Experience In School As A Student

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We all have our own share of the burn-in-the-fire as students in Nigeria and abroad. I was able to meet a few students for a vox pox session and here are their experiences in school as students.

My Experience In School As A Student

We’ve had to overcome different hurdles and struggles in the hope of achieving what we truly desire as students, it may not have been a light burden but we overcame and these are the stories you are about to read below;

Steven Adeyemi

I had really wonderful moments during my time in high school but my best moments were in a particular class during my senior year at Abuja. So I was a new student in this school and also, and I flipped a lot in the English Language. I remember my first presentation in this class, I didn’t want to do it, but finally, I did it and that one was my best moment.

When I went to present I felt afraid, and then when I presented I felt so good for the effort I applied. Now I feel so much better than on my first day of presentations because I now know that I can do whatever I want to do. The learnings that I acquire made it so good that now I know that I have to trust myself.

Edikan David

The best moment in class was when I was in the junior secondary during the sixth period. That was when I got into poetry and the spoken word. My ability to interpret that role in class made me feel even better. I didn’t know anything about poetry: in fact, I hated poetry, reading, or writing as a child but I actually fell in love with poetry class.

There was a time we had to write our own plays and poems and perform them in front of the class. I felt alive, and the creative side of me came out. I realized how unique and fun poetry was after writing my first poem in freshman year.

I felt like I wanted to write more and more and for the first time, I knew I had found my way, my passion. I felt much more ecstatic after performing my first poem at a competition. Since that day and today, I have written over 400 poems and made two books. I have performed on many stages in small audiences and in school. That was a good day for me because I can write my thoughts down and write the truth about the world.

Nkechi Okem

I would say my best class moment would be from my first year in high school when our Gym instructor decided we should play a game. She asked us a sequence of questions that required us to give a more gory and heartfelt answer each time, starting with something along the lines of “How are you feeling?” and ending with “Why do you think that is?” A class circle that only should have lasted one day extended to three, with each and every single one of us having to share our deepest and darkest fears and insecurities.

It dawned on me after that day that a lot of kids were going through hell on earth. Some only mask their feelings with warm smiles and you would never guess they’re going through stuff. The class introduced me to a whole new format of teaching where teachers and students can cohabit knowing each other’s fears yet not tainting them. This experience also revealed to me the extent to which a relationship with your classmates and your teacher can go and how refreshing it could be.

Ekomobong Inyang

Being in school as a student has helped streamline my ideology about life, and the way I learn and interact with others to a degree that has also helped me to mature into a better person. I have come to believe that this maturity will help me to develop into a better thinker as well as someone with the patience to listen and take into consideration what others have to say. I now perceive learning as a two-way alley that requires adeptness.

It is one that involves the teacher and the learner. It has been and will continue to be, my absolute goal as a student to become a diligent scholar acquiring every knowledge my teacher could bestow on me. It is without a doubt that each of them has helped me to think about how my actions, and the way I choose to study my lessons and develop as a student, have made a tremendous impact on my life.

This impact is one that I will carry into the future as I advance in my career and life. Everything about me is now different: beginning from my mindset, the way I interact with folks, and my ability to thin slice and respond to people.

I now believe I can be anything I wish to become as long as I am willing to work hard for it. I continue to grow in this way of thinking and learning each time I interact with my fellow classmates and professors. I have learned to build my ideas and thoughts around a system of interactive engagements with team members of numerous student groups I have had the pleasure to be associated with. With all of these, I feel I had the best experience as a student.

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