The Importance Of Asking For Help In The Workplace

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It’s quite elegant when we know others view us with this air of respect because we are so good at what we do that we never have to ask for help. It’s glorious; gives us this air of superiority, like we are so perfect, we are nerds, but what is wrong with asking for help?

Absolutely nothing. I feel asking for help is much better than having to be a problem solver all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be the best at what I do but what I love more is someone who is much better than I am, which means I have something to learn from them.

It’s never really fun when we are the best and everyone looks up to us, it sort of limits our growth, because we have to attend to others that sometimes we barely have enough time to grow.

Why ask for help? There are lots of reasons why people ask for help and some of these reasons include;

1. For Clarity

You may have been in a class and misunderstood the instructions given and need to be clarified or you need to understand how a project is supposed to be undertaken, then is the right time to ask a colleague for help.

2. When You’re Unsure Of The Deadline

I recall working on a solo project which was meant to last for a week, I was completely clueless about the date for the deadline and I exhausted the time without even getting the project achieved.

Soliciting for help would have saved me from that horrible experience but I just didn’t think I should have done so. Be sure to ask for help when you’re unsure of the deadline or when you are close to the deadline and still haven’t solved the puzzle.

3. When You Can’t Handle A Problem

From list 2, I’m sure you’ve learned from my mistakes and won’t repeat them. I know it’s hard to reach for help in a workplace especially if you find the people a little poky and somewhat suspicious but if you need a job done, you should try to ask for help. You have nothing to lose.

With This Said, What Are The Importance Of Asking For Help In A Workplace?

1. To Build Workplace Relation

This is kind of crucial, you need to be friendly with everyone in your company. I’m not saying you need to be friends, like go hang out with everyone, I mean the colleague kind of friendship where you can comfortably ask questions and get solutions to the puzzles without sweating out.

2. To Familiarize Yourself With The Rules Of The Game

Say you’re a newbie and you’re less knowledgeable concerning how some things are done in the company or there’s a new application that has been introduced that you aren’t entirely familiar with, asking for help is a great way to get acquainted with the new software and get the job done.

3. To Prove You’re Confident But Not Proud

Asking a question is a way of proving you are confident in yourself, it proves maturity but not pride. If anything, it shows you are humble because it takes humility to ask for help.

When you allow someone to contribute, it becomes quite flattering and it is also a biomarker that you have a strong personality as well.

When you are thinking in terms of career advancement, then we all know that confidence is one big trait that helps in getting an extra edge over others during promotions.

4. To Grow

Asking for help shows you are ready to learn and grow. Growth isn’t achieved by staying hunched up and acting uptight, someone out there has something you need and also has the solution you need to your problem.

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