Five (5) Ideas About Education That You Need To Know

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The rise of the pandemic brought a whole new stir to the existence of virtual classes where pupils and students receive lectures from the comfort of their homes. It’s funny how Gen Z have it all cut out for them, the novelty of their curriculum and how well the structure has been built to fit so well for a perfect artificial intelligence prospect.

Our parents perceived education as the key to a bright future but what they were ignorant of is the approach to attain this bright future they all hoped for. Currently, some countries of the world do not hint on education for a bright future, some trust in the efficacy of trade and many other skills as the perception of gathering clouds as a graduate is beginning to wane.

Five (5) Ideas About Education That You Need To Know

However, there are quite a number of ideas that could be added to the tremendous changes that have been unpacked into what education is gunning at becoming. There are ideas that may add some luster to the shimmer of education for the next generation.

1. Concentrate On Training The Mind

What good is it if students have brains encumbered with lots of materials and manuscripts they may never need in the future? I saw a spoken world where a child asked the mother why he needs to study some courses he has no need for and his mom replied because those were the requirements and I thought it was lame.

Instead of stacking heaps of books to be read followed by a long list of questions for assessment, the minds of students should be worked on. It’s possible for the mind to work as a robot while still retaining the warmth of human flesh.

Education should be about training the student’s mind to think for itself rather than have to wagger between the fear of failure and the regret of not trying. After all, this is supposed to be one major objective of education.

2. Engage

This is what should be really glamoured for in schools. Pupils should be engaged in diverse socioeconomic aspects of their country’s culture. I know schools that train their pupils to grow with compassion and an undying need to salvage the situation of their country.

Students could be taken on a trip to various parts of their country to see for themselves the moral, economic or educational decadence in their country and let them think for themselves solutions to salvage the situation. This is a fair means of instilling the spirit to fight so they could live in happiness and/or uplift the dwindled morals of society.

3. Cooperative Learning

The one thing that seems to be missing during some country’s political rallies is the spirit of comradeship and camaraderie. The different parties and their supporters try to play smart that lots of on-lookers get hurt in the process and it’s pathetic.

Kids should be exposed to their dangers before they venture into the real world, it’s possible for the next generation to shame us all with new prospects of doing things and set a new pace for posterity.

4. Education Should Be About Connection

Not just sitting in a classroom and learning all day, paying attention to some boring jokes by most teachers, education should be more about connection. Kids would love to connect with other kids in the world and adults they could look up to.

Most schools limit kids to the jurisdiction of their operation, their classroom, their region, and district. Competitions should be scheduled in other parts of the state or country skiffs could connect and learn. This is for the future, kids would really appreciate knowing that they have friends out there that they have been able to connect with that could assist them right out of college.

5. Education Should Be About Building

Everything about education centers on building, emotional intelligence, morals, societal responsibility, family, and the lots. As technology has provided more curricula, teachers can spend less time lecturing entire classes and more time mentoring students as individuals and tutoring them in areas in which they need help or seek additional challenges. You’ll be stunned at the number of kids that need emotional support, financial and otherwise. Education is huge and shouldn’t be taken for granted the possibilities attainable through it.

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