10 Great Advice For Someone Starting A New Job

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Did you get a new job? This is usually accompanied by hundreds of congratulations and best wishes and thereafter, you get to face the real world alone. It’s not as bad as you think, I still remember my first day at work, I was terrified, I knew nobody, I felt like an amateur but in the end, it all went down smoothly. My co-workers were so cool I forgot to stay reserved but that didn’t continue for long, I got to see their true selves and learned to adjust to that.

Great Advice For Someone Starting A New Job

New job, new environment, I know how that sounds but believe me you will be just fine, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions and have fun while working under someone’s payroll.

The 10 Great Advice For Someone Starting A New Job

1. Relax

I know how difficult that can be. I couldn’t relax on my first day at work. I was fidgeting, I felt my pulse rise so high it worried me, I developed migraine and all that but I was all fine immediately I smiled at the security at the gate and at my boss and then I relaxed. Rub your hands on your thighs if you feel your hands getting sweaty, don’t try it act all superior, it’s okay if anyone notices your anxiety, so just relax.

2. Prepare On Time

It’s your first day, it might not be true but how you begin on your first day is how you will continue plus most employers want to see your attitude to work on your first day to rate how well you’ll adjust to the company’s norms and values. Be sure to wake up and prepare on time. You might be at work before most of your coworkers and employer.

3. Dress Confidently But Modestly

You don’t want to show up at work on your first day looking all tacky neither would you want to draw attention to yourself if you’re dressed immodestly. Pull on something that boosts your confidence and that makes you look pretty and handsome, the way you appear is the first thing your coworkers will notice about you. You might want to wear a nice cologne, shave your beards and be sure you look as fresh as can be, and do not forget to smile.

4. Absorb The Energy Of Your New Environment

You see in most Korean movies how the new guy walks about greeting and bowing to his “sunbeanim (senior colleague)” it’s sweet you know? You could decide to take a look around the environment if you arrive some minutes earlier, just get familiar with the place. Be sure to open your eyes and trust your instinct but do not judge everything you see, at first sight, you might be wrong.

5. Ask Questions

I know how awkward that might sound, you do not want to be a bug on the next guy but asking questions is a good way to start a conversation and get to know your coworkers. Ask intelligent questions, it’s okay to keep a notebook next to you in case someone says something you’ve never heard of. Keep the conversation going but be sure it isn’t during work time.

6. Have Lunch With Your Coworkers

Dismiss the notion that you are the new guy and should eat alone or that trying to be friends with your coworkers means you’re being clingy. What’s wrong with joining their table as long as it’s long enough to accommodate your butt and food tray? You might even introduce yourself as you join them or you might treat them to lunch, it’s a sweet way to gain face.

7. Get To Know Your Coworkers And Leaders

They might not fully let you in on your first day, everyone has to stay reserved when they meet some stranger on the first day but sooner or later, you’ll get to flow with them. You might wonder why you need to know your coworkers, this is because you can’t know as much about #8 except through them. Also, you can’t know your leaders except through the preexisting workers, who knows, you might make a lot of friends and even create a family away from home. Getting to know your leaders, and those below you, it’s important for the rainy day.

8. Learn The Company’s Core Values And Norms

You can easily visit the company’s home page or ask your colleagues, the difference between the two is that your colleagues will give you more detailed information about the company and might let you in on the company’s history and some of its outstanding achievements than you may find on the home page.

9. Be Humble And Eager To Learn

It might not be that simple, am not saying you should be a ride roughshod over for anyone, am saying be humble, be eager to learn, be ready to unlearn whatever the company tells you isn’t acceptable, and learn what is acceptable to work better. To do this effectively, you need to have learned #8. Accept corrections but do not let it drain you if you are corrected more often than you expected.

10. Ask For Reviews

You might want to know how well you did on your first day, trust me, it’s okay. It’s something you can laugh over but it could equally help you out on areas you messed up. However, keep an open mind, be sure to be yourself, and mess up a dozen times as long as you don’t go over the edge but above all, have fun. What’s a workplace without fun?

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